How to Do Free Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Well, you have an excellent designed website and filled with rich content. But it seems no one is visiting your website. Whether you are an internet marketer or a company owner who needs to boost sales of your products, you badly need traffic. As for me, I have done SEO for my blogs. During my infancy in the internet marketing world, I aimed to get that popularly known Google page rank for my first blog. My blog was all about religion and spirituality. As a result of a month of free SEO that I have done, I got a Google page rank of 4. Not bad for a neophyte. But how did I do that? I am not yet an SEO expert but the things I will share to you may help guys out there who have a low budget or even to persons who do not have any cent to spend to optimize the ranking and traffics of their websites. I am not sure if experts may agree but I believe that this is effective and most of all its free. Below are my lists of the things I did to get that Google PR in just a few months.

1. Articles. If you love to write, then go and write articles. There are lots of article directories on the net. I write articles with my favorite topics and which are related to my site. Yu can place a link to your site in the resource box of your article with your biography as the author. You may also place the link in the content of your article. Imagine that submitting an article to hundred article directories is like making a hundred pages linking to your site. And that not ends there; many blogs or sites are relying and feeding on article resource sites to fill the content of their blogs or sites. Hence if one of these feeders uses your article then another link other than the article directory sites will be added to your back links. There are softwares which can automatically submit your site into hundred of article directory on the net. But if you don’t want to spend any penny then you can do it manually. Actually I did it manually, besides some article directories are strict with regard to articles submitted by robots.

2. Forum. Each members of any forum can put a signature on every post or thread they make. A signature may include a link to your website which will be shown below your posts. There are lots of free forums on the cyberspace, but be sure to register only on the forums which are related to your website. Readers or viewers are the potential visitors of your site. Once they see your signature and become interested to your links then the birth of traffic arises. These strategy pull visitors to your site and at the same time add related sites which are related forum linking back to your site. But as always a good reminder, please read carefully the terms, rules and regulation of the forum you intend to register to avoid being blacklisted and be considered as a spammer. And also don’t forget to stay active on the forum you choose because some forums automatically delete members which are inactive for a certain period of time.

3. Exchange Links. Exchanging links is one of the most efficient techniques to increase your page rank, but this may not that effective in boosting your traffic unless you exchange link with a high traffic site. There are free reciprocal link manager scripts that you can download and install on your website. You can add a page called “links” in your website to accommodate reciprocal linking activities. But be sure to exchange link only to website which are related to your site. And set your link manager to accept links manually rather than automatically. This is to make sure that you are only exchanging links with natural persons and not with automated software and robots. Exchanging links increase your back links and increase your search positions on search engines.

4. Search Engine and Directories. This is the first thing you must do when you run your website. Some webhosting company offers free submission to basic search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Msn, etc. By submitting your page to search engines, the chance of your site to be included in the search engines results starts. However, this doesn’t mean that if your domain name is is submitted to these search engines, it will also be shown first in the search engine results for the keyword “compute profit”. To achieve such, you still need to do the other methods like building links, creating rich contents and maintaining your site to become search engine friendly. So try to submit your site first to major search engines I mentioned above. After that, you can search for the keyword “free add url” in Google or Yahoo search engines and try to submit your site to these free add url sites in the search results. Be sure to set the title, description and keywords of your site to the most related content of your site. Some search engines also accept sitemap via html or xml. Sitemap facilitates the inclusion of all your site’s important pages. Since we are doing free SEO, we will submit our site manually. Manual submission also assures that we are not submitting our site using robots or scripts which are sometimes not accepted by major search engines and site directories.

5. Site Content. Content is king as many agree. Even if you have many visitors coming from the back links of your site, you must also ensure that these visitors will find great and informative contents from your site that will make them return and become regular visitors. A lousy website with many visitors will not assure a great marketing profit potential as it may just instantly be closed and dumped by your first time visitors instead of thinking to explore it. Hence if you are targeting a long run high traffic website, be sure that you maintain a rich content website. Besides major search engines love websites that contains rich and original content rather than websites which have contents that are copycat and found elsewhere on other sites.

6. Others. Other techniques that will bring your site a vast traffic is trough participating in Internet’s most famous social communities like Stumbleupon and YouTube sites. These sites are visited by millions and actively participating in them makes a great exposure of your websites. Introduce your website and promote it in this place to grab lots of visitors to you precious website or weblog.

By doing the above lists, expect your site welcoming traffic, ranking and popularity on the World Wide Web. Finally, don’t forget to maintain your enthusiasm as success is always a fruit of energy and happiness.

Source by Victorino Q. Abrugar