Reasons to Check Out Article Directories

Article directories are a key component of the engine that drives the Internet. They’re special websites where writers deposit their work for anyone else to refer to and use. Article directories are the place where people building their own websites go to, in search of interesting and relevant copy to put on those websites.

Content marketing is the promotion and direct selling of online goods and services. Therefore it is one of the key techniques used by professional search engine optimizers or SEOs. The Internet may have begun life as an aid to scientific research but it has grown into a huge commercial organic creature. The more articles you have that link to your site, the better your site will rank – and it will become more recongised with the search engines, helping to attract more visits.

The search engine companies like Google and Yahoo make money from advertising. Their software takes the words and phrases of the Internet surfers, trawls through the text all over the Internet but especially the article directories and throws up a menu of websites for the surfer to contemplate. Millions of people Worldwide make buying decisions because of these search results every minute of every day.

Article marketing is the making of links between the surfer key phrases, the search engine software, the resulting search result lists, the buying needs of the surfer and ultimately their wallets. Article directories are a constantly evolving source of these one-way links.

Article directories are good way of growing business on a website. The links they create drive up the quantity and quality of traffic to the sellers’ web site. Writers create informative and entertaining articles about a product or service. More importantly they write about the needs both physical and psychological met by the particular product or service. In this way they are ensuring a link with the ultimate customer.

Writers then submit their articles to the various article directories. The article directories reproduce them and make them available for others to pick up and post on their sites. The creators must include their author section, which creates another link back to their own site. Every time an article is clicked the Web gains another one-way link.

With Internet content the keywords and phrases are the most important characteristic. They have to connect with the surfers and the search engines in order to build the links. A typical directory piece of content should have between 400 and 700 words and keyword density of about 4%.

Article writing is the cottage industry of the twenty first century. Many people are now making a living by working from home through article directories. By writing articles and submitting them through article directories, you can quickly have thousands of links pointing back to your website. Money is earned by advertising on the website, by selling writing skills in the creation of SEO articles and from affiliate marketing on the website. Affiliate marketing is where the website owner takes a commission on any sales arising out of their website or a commission for every ‘click through’ from their website.

Article directories are central to all of this commercial link building. They will use things known as RSS feeds that automatically update the websites of their clients with relevant content from within the article directories. The whole thing is like a living organism, generating links, communication and commerce.

Source by Clare Al-Aufi