Top 5 Tools For Unstructured Web Data Extraction

It is correctly said that data is money in the present business world. Also with the changeover to an app based world drives the upsurge growth and maturity of data. But still maximum amount of data in the organizations and market are unstructured and so it requires a process and methodology to fetch or extract structured information from that unstructured data and which can be further transformed it into usable business insights as well as intelligence using unstructured data analytics tools.


This is the above stage wherein unstructured web data extraction is required. There are some unstructured data extraction tools available in the market, using automated web techniques to extract valuable data.

Unstructured data in big data further assists organizations or companies at all the levels to better transform their current businesses. They execute this using the extracted data, transformed data intelligence, analytics and insights using unstructured data management solutions.

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Unstructured Data to Structured Data Tools

Here are Top five unstructured data extraction tools available:

1. Upstream Commerce:

Upstream Commerce offers retailers solutions to boost business margins through competitive data insights, pricing intelligence and product assortment. It has assisted organizations across retailing categories to enhance pricing, promotion and merchandising management. It allows business users to build intelligence by using patterns and relationships with both structured and unstructured data information extractions.

2. DataCrops:

DataCrops is a scalable software platform that intelligently extracts information from numerous websites and complicated online data sources by using a robust self-enhanced technology. It extracts data, transform and load it, ensuring the delivery of correct information at correct time and in a required and correct format.

DataCrops offers web data extraction solutions and analytical tools to extract data using both structured and unstructured data sources. It extracts unstructured information and convert it into business insights to help retail, travel, hotels, flight, tyre, research, finance, data management and online market intelligence companies. Along with web data extraction software solutions, it also offers price intelligence tools, product intelligence, online market intelligence, social media intelligence, brand intelligence and channel intelligence solutions.

3. ParseHub:

ParseHub is a visual data extraction tool for getting web data. It manages interactive calendars, maps, search, nested comments, dropdowns, forms, infinite scrolling, authentication, forums, Ajax, JavaScript, and much more with ease. You can create APIs from different sites using this tool.

ParseHub provides multiple plans for web data extraction.

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4. Talend Data Fabric:

Talend Data Fabric is a data integration platform that lets clients operate between streaming, batch, and real-time data. It runs on-premises, in Cloud and with Big Data. Talend offers its users a unique design interface for all data integrations and the master data management requirements.

5. ABBYY FlexiCapture:

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a data capturing, extraction and document processing software tool for unstructured data analytics. It is well designed to transmute streams of documents of structured, unstructured and complexity into business data. It offers automatic data extraction from different invoices and export it to online sources.

It offers programmed document classification, with a scalable and customizable architecture, assisting companies of any size to modernize their business processes, upsurge efficiency and decrease costs. It extracts data from documents, text-heavy papers, structured forms and the surveys.